#LoveLetterToLifeNo2 #365Grateful All of these books are exceptional reads including next month’s book,  There There by Tommy Orange.  Beginning with Pachinko which is beautifully written and unfolds like a motion picture in your mind creating incredible imagery and character creation that puts in that place and time as the story unfolds.  It tells the tale […]

#LoveLetterToLifeNo.1 #365 Grateful I have become my Mom, or at least I am channeling her well…Love to go to the Farmer’s Market of a rainy Saturday morning…chat with the Mexican farmers… get advice on the best melons…Come Home & feed my family….I wonder if Mom loved Farmer’s Markets for the people and the liveliness or […]

“She remembers third grade that the Indian Island School, where she learned that the name Penobscot is from Panawahpskek, meaning “the place where the rocks spread out” at the head of the tribal river, right where they were.  That Wabanaki means “dawn land”, because the tribes live in the regions where the first light of […]

As many of you may know I have never been a great fan of the international  pharmaceutical complex, known for its frequent experimentation on unsuspecting populations in developing nations, there over inflated costs of HIV/AIDS drugs and their shameless profiteering.  However,  I do appreciate them for making  misoprostol available and affordable internationally.  Why , you […]

What’s Possible, a New Film for World Leaders on the Urgency of Global Warming | Moyers & Company | BillMoyers.com.

If we think that trauma leaves no traces… think again… this is my husband’s account of how his younger brother was treated by INS officials back in 1982 and he kept it hidden until yesterday… ‘Yesterday for the first time since the last day of April 1982 my brother described to me how he was […]

Children on the Border Need Care, Kindness & Healing.